BurnTec®. First aid dressings for burns and skin injuries

BurnTec® hydrogel dressing is different from other first aid dressings. Owing to its stable-sheeting hydrogel structure, the BurnTec® dressing guarantees even coverage and distribution of cooling activity over the entire burn surface, even for the most extensive injuries.

In addition, the stable structure of the dressing also eliminates the risk of spilling or damaging the cooling hydrogel.

While using BurnTec® hydrogel facial mask dressing, we can be 100% sure that the hydrogel does not get into the respiratory system, even if oxygen therapy is used.

Even large hydrogel pads adhere well to the wound and can be applied quickly and easily.

BurnTec® is widely used by medical rescue services, fire brigades and the army. They can also be used in medical care during sporting competitions. The dressing is often included in workplace first aid kits and it is appreciated by persons responsible for occupational health and safety.


BurnTec® hydrogel dressings are an aqueous composition of natural and synthetic polymers cross-linked by a beam of electrons. Thanks to radiation processing, the product features sufficient mechanical strength and is fully sterile. In the form designated for end users, it is a 3.5 mm thick hydrogel sheet, containing polymers and over 90% water, constituting a three-dimensional network.

To ensure appropriate mechanical resistance, the entire surface of BurnTec® has been strengthened with a medical-quality non-woven fabric with margins which make the dressing easy to take out from the packet and enable quick and easy application.

  • a durable hydrogel pad guarantees even covering over the whole affected area
  • it cools the injured area and ensures a soothing effect for up to 24 hours
  • it is absorbent, wound secretion and bacteria are kept within the gel
  • it is permeable to water vapor and oxygen but impermeable to bacteria – it helps protect wounds  from external contamination
  • hydrogel ensures an optimally moist environment – it accelerates the formation of epidermis
  • immediate application of the dressing reduces the risk of scars
  • it is soft and flexible – it adheres well to the wound and adapts to the shape of the body
  • it does not stick to the wound, so the dressing can be changed painlessly
  • it is biocompatible and does not cause allergic reactions

Emergency treatment

BurnTec® is a modern hydrogel dressing used in the following situations:

  • first-, second- and third-degree burns (thermal, chemical, electric)
  • sunburns
  • abrasions and skin irritations
  • bruises and swelling (insect bites)
  • other skin injuries

Hydrogel dressings are flexible and elastic what facilitates application. They adhere well to the body and, thanks to the addition of non-woven fabric, they are durable, tear-resistant and convenient to apply. The hydrogel structure of the dressing makes it possible to maintain an optimal moist wound environment. For superficial burns (e.g. sunburn), the dressing moisturises the affected area very efficiently, while for exuding wounds, wound secretion is absorbed and contained within the hydrogel structure. Additionally, the dressings let air through and constitute a barrier to bacteria, protecting the wound against external contamination.

Regarding the use of BurnTec®, it has been established that:

  • the dressing removes heat very effectively and cools the affected area, offering relief from pain, considerably improving the patient’s comfort
  • when the dressing is replaced, wound exudate is removed from the wound together with the dressing
  • the dressing prevents drying of the wound as well as scab formation on its surface and at the same time protects it from damage and potential external contamination
  • immediate application of the dressing reduces the risk of hyper-trophic scars
  • replacement of the dressing is painless – the delicate hydrogel sheet does not destroy granulation or new epithelium

Military version

We brought a special version of the BurnTec® dressing to market for the purposes of rescue military services. It is packed into khaki-coloured bag, the label has the same colours as well. At present our dressings are found on equipping tactical-rescue rucksacks of Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, moreover they were present at the medical equipment in missions in Iraq.

In the recent time BurnTec® dressings distributed in the USA by the North American Rescue Company were on equipping in IFAK medicine cabinets (Individual First Aid Kits) of elite American US Marines Forces. Our dressings gained an approval of the FDA agency, they have a NSN code (NATO Stock Number), furthermore our company received the NCAGE Code (NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code).


BurnTec® hydrogel dressing should be applied as soon as possible on the affected area. Sufficient cooling, as ensured by the dressing, prevents further thermal destruction of tissues and blister formation.

As BurnTec® consists of a hydrogel mass, it has excellent penetration and thermal conduction parameters as well as high thermal capacity. Thanks to these properties, heat from the skin surface is transferred to the dressing and, through the phenomenon of convective heat transfer, it is distributed evenly over the entire area of the dressing and transferred outside.

The hydrogel dressing not only ensures appropriate thermal balance but also moisture balance on the wound surface, which, in turn, accelerates epithelialization and tissue healing processes.

How to use the dressing:

  • tear open the external protective and internal plastic bag (1)
  • hold the margin of the non-woven fabric and take the dressing out of the packet – the thin plastic sheet covering the dressing makes it easy to take out and accordingly should not be removed immediately (2)
  • place the dressing on the wound and remove the plastic foil sheet (3)
  • additionally, fasten the dressing with a bandage, adhesive tape or elastic mesh (4)
  • keep the dressing on the wound for up to 24 hours


The dressings are available in the following sizes:



5×5 cm


6×12 cm


10×10 cm


12×12 cm


12×24 cm


20×20 cm


22×28 cm


10×40 cm


20×40 cm


40×60 cm


facial mask 25×25 cm


facial mask 30×40 cm


facial mask 40×60 cm


The BurnTec Hydrogel Bag was awarded on International Medical and Fire Rescue Exhibition EDURA 2014.



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The BurnTec® presentation


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